ALL children are musical 

ALL children can learn to sing in tune

ALL children can learn to move and sing to a beat

ALL children need a musically rich environment to nurture their wonderful human capacity for music-making!



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10-week Family Class at Richmond Free Library

Fridays, 9-9:45 a.m., beginning January 10, 2020


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An intergenerational music and movement class for all ages! 


The video below will give you a little taste of what makes a Generations class so special:
From an article about Generations: 
"This is a highlight of the week for many senior residents as well as the staff. Some participants simply light up when they come to class in ways the facility doesn’t see with any other activity. The combination of music and children is just magical. Each elder participates in their own way: Some grandfriends actively absorb the experience, clearly delighting in watching and listening; others love singing along, tapping their feet and shaking the instruments along with the families. And although most elders sing and dance from their chairs, some are even able to get up and boogie with us! The children and parents love it, too; it’s become an important weekly ritual and an invaluable part of their family’s life. There is an instant connection between elders and families that is incredible to witness. For many of the families as well as many of the elder participants, extended family live far away and so there is a kind of surrogate family created through the Music Together® class. Music Together directors are so proud to be bringing people together across generations in our communities. We are bringing back something essential that’s been lost: intergenerational music-making.” 
Music is an essential part of being human. Support for music learning in early childhood can yield both life-long skill and enjoyment in music experiences. While Music Together’s core program serves families with children ages 0-5, it’s a natural extension of that core mission to include intergenerational class experiences where families attend class with elders at a senior day or residential facility. These special kinds of Music Together classes have been beloved now for years as more and more communities recognize the unique power of making music together across generations.

Check out a nice write-up about Joanna's classes for young moms and babies at the Lund Family Center! /2013/07/29/we-need-a-lot-more-music-makers- in-the-world-music-together-at-lund/


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